Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Easy Peasy DIY For Glass Bottles

When we (me and my husband) are free and don’t want to stay at home, we usually prefer to go out for some household shopping or visit nearby mall or visit my sister’s home as we don’t have any relative except her at Bangalore. Not so interesting right, yes I agree😏. So last week we went out for some household shopping at Dmart and with other required things, I also picked up a packet of gem stone multicolored sticker. These stickers are decorative items for kids used in schools mostly for DIYs in art and craft classes. The packet was about 18-19Rs.

Few weeks back, I bought a Money Plant for my living room and put it in a glass bottle. This bottle was so simple that I wanted to do something decorative on it. Yes, this is why I picked up that sticker. I had something in my mind with it, not too decorative but better than this clean and clear bottle.

Finally, today I am all alone at home and nothing much to do, so I decided to complete that decoration task. First I changed the water of that bottle so that I don’t need to change it after sticking gems on it at least for few weeks. There were 8 rows of gems in it, I thought all the gems are separate but these were in a row. Earlier, I thought I will do some complicated and stylish designs on it but at last I just stick out those rows and pasted on the bottle. And the result is below 👇

money plant

Hmm, not so good but better than the plain glass, right. I think it is looking better now.  This was my simple and easy DIY of the day. Well, I did it too simple but you can do some art work on this plain bottle. You can paste some more gems in different pattern on it or if you know how to paint, you can do some painting on it with Acrylic Enamel colors.  

I would love to know your ideas. Keep sharing💗

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